[WATCH] Food delivery workers in a tussle

A shared video, gone viral on social media, has made the rounds in Malta and even landed at ONE TV’s newsroom, showing a scuffle between two individuals in a car park.

It is allegedly claimed the afternoon fight occurred at the Malta International Airport’s car park and that the two individuals are foreigners, one of whom is easily seen and identifiable as being an employee of a local food delivery service provider in Malta.

What initially appears in the shared video clip as being a pretty heated argument under the very warm sunny skies of Malta in summer, soon turns out into a right proper fist and slap fight between the two individuals. The food delivery worker even has his shirt top torn off, as the other lay on the ground receiving blows.

As bystanders and passers-by look on and not intervening, the food-delivery worker then hops on his scooter and drives off for a while, but the two men meet up again and come to blows again.

Many have commented with quick quips like “What has Malta become, some Far West movie set?”, or “Is this heat really getting to people’s heads?”

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