[WATCH] Albanian drag queen does a parody of Destiny’s Eurovision song

“I love this country, and they love me too…they call me ħamalla, I guess that’s good?“

The Albanian drag queen, Vezirja has just released the parody version of Destiny’s song for the last Eurovision Song Contest, “Je Me Casse”. This makes it the second cover version of the Maltese song.

Vezirja has claimed the effort made as a “love letter to Malta and all my Maltese friends and family”, and takes a lighthearted jab at the island’s oppressive summer heat.

Some lyrics do hit home in so many ways:

Hell no, Valletta won’t do, “Hell no, San Ġwann maybe too, wherever I choose to stay it’s gonna be humid anyway”.

The song’s pre-chorus asks for the air conditioning to be turned on because “this surface melts”, with the chorus “Je Me Casse” being replaced by “I’m a man”.

A dark hint at 1:35 mentioning Ħamrun is a touchy reference “with the dope and the crime, I’ll just like home.”

To sum it up, this parody version targets any situation over which we have little influence…, and if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then maybe Destiny might get a giggle out of listening to it.