Neil Agius Submits All Documetation of His Swim to Malta To Be Declared A World Record

All the documentation that was needed to be submitted so that Neil Agius’ swim between Linosa and Gozo is recognized as a world record, is now ready.

This was announced by Neil Agius himself on his social media where he said that this was a dream he always had and that it is now really close to coming true.

Neil Agius swam 125.7 kilometers non-stop between Linosa and Gozo in 52 hours unassisted in the open sea.

“I’m really excited and I can’t believe how I got here,” Neil reiterated, adding that he made it through the great sacrifices he made, sleepless nights and training alone.

The document that had to prepare is very detailed, “like a thesis,” Neil said, with minute by minute details such as what he drank and how much he drank when he stopped, what he ate, what he was talking about when he stopped to rest a little, apart photos and other evidence of Neil’s swim.

Now, it’s a two month wait for all these submitted documents to be verified, after which Neil’s swim would be declared a world record.