Earlier this month, Maltese motorbike racer Shawn Buttigieg finished in first place in a competition at Santapod racetrack in the United Kingdom.

Buttigieg raced in the Spring Speed National 2022 competition. After some troublesome races, in the semi-final race, Buttigieg made a new personal best race and a new track record at 6.64 seconds. In the final race, Buttigieg suffered technical issues in the gearbox but managed a good run at 6.73 seconds.

Upon his arrival in Malta late on Tuesday evening, Buttigieg was welcomed by members of the Maltese Drag Racing Association committee and some of his friends at Malta International Airport.


The third round of the national karting championship on the weekend of Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May, at the La Reve gokarts track in Hal Far.

On Saturday 30th of April, Ayrton Tonna on kart number 12 won the Entry Level class. Tonna was followed by Cody Darmanin and Alex Vassallo.

Mason Barun on kart number 609 won the Mini 60cc class. Barun was followed by Daniel Abela and Zack Scicluna.

Zane Pace on kart number 10 won the Rotax Micro Max class. Pace was followed by Jessica Calleja and Nathan Fenech.

Luca Tanti on Kart number 29 won the Iame X30 Mini class. Tanti was followed by Benjamin Piscopo and Morgan Tyler Zammit Azzopardi.

Kyle Micallef on Kart number 5 won the Iame X30 Junior class. Micallef was followed by Kian Gauci and Braydon Cassar.

On Sunday the 1st of May, Owen Mangion on kart number 68 won the Rotax Max class. Mangion was followed by Bernard Vella and Eman Muscat.

Kyle Mercieca on kart number 338 won the Iame X30 class. Mercieca was followed by Andreas Camilleri and Nicky Gauci.

Neville Zammit on kart number 11 won the Vortex RokGP Masters class. Zammit was followed by Glenn Vassallo and Brandon Agius Zammit.

Lucas Pace on kart number 10 won the Vok RokGP class. Pace was followed by Claude Brincat and Kieran Galea.

Photos: Lon Joseph Cachia

FIA Karting Academy Trophy in Genk

Maltese Karting Racing Driver 14-year-old Kian Gauci is in Genk in Belgium, taking part in the FIA Karting Academy Trophy.

In 2020 the FIA Karting Academy will have celebrated its 10th Anniversary. The FIA Karting Academy Trophy quickly established itself as a cost-effective detection tool for young talents and has proven successful both in grid numbers and in producing future stars of Motorsport.

The original concept of the academy is still relevant today. Fifty-one young athletes between 12 and 14 years of age from all over the world every year confront each other so that the best can be noticed and pursue their careers in Karting or Motorsport with more significant opportunities. Through their ASNs, each country can enter its greatest hope in the Academy Trophy. The FIA Karting Academy has already produced three professional Formula 1 drivers

Former karting champion, coach and BRM Racing Team manager Gianluca Dingli is in Genk assisting Gauci.