Maltese weightlifters take first place in the Small Nation Championships for the first time in history

Malta has made history again when its weighlifters competing in the Small Nation Championships took the first position for the first time ever. The national team accomplished amazing accomplishments with a roster comprised of powerhouses Yazmin Stevens, Roberta Tabone, Anton Micallef, Vladislav Baldacchino, and Shaun Ciantar, propelling Malta to yet another milestone and demonstrating that we are capable of competing at the international level.

They defeated Cyprus (who finished second) and Iceland (3rd). Stevens expressed her thanks and delight on social media, noting that this was the first time the mixed group Maltese team had won the championships. But that’s not all; in the San Marino Open, the team of Kaya, Rylee, and Aaliyah finished fourth, continuing the success of our local athletes.

Congratulations to everyone, and on to the next!