Malta’s national football team loses 0-6 to Slovakia

A disappointing performance again, within three days; Malta end up playing with 9 players

Malta – 0

Slovakia – 6

After Thursday’s knock in the teeth from Croatia with 7 goals in the net, it was the Slovaks turn to rub in another victory on the Malta side with 6 goals on Sunday.

Anybody could see the great disappointment of the Maltese players’ faces, and this was vented with the frustration of the two players of the team that got sent off, namely Teuma and Camenzuli.

Malta suffered three goals in each half of the game, leaving the Slovaks to walk away with the victory they had wished for. That left Malta in the last position of their group with goal difference.

The Slovaks emulated the Croatians in opening their score, with Albert Rusnàk beating Bonello in the goal. Barely 60 seconds had gone by when a header by Ondrey Duda found its mark in the net again behind Bonello. Sixteen minutes into the game and Rusnàk took ball possession and rammed a low shot that defeated again Bonello.

By half-time and with three goals in their bag, the Slovaks had earned their rest.

As if matters couldn’t get even more disappointing, besides the goals the Malta side suffered, in the second half Ryan Camenzuli earned himself the second yellow card of the day and was sent off by the Croatian referee when the red card was pulled out. The compund things further, on the 50-minute mark Teddy Teuma landed himself also with two yellow cards within five seconds of each other and joined Camenzuli in the dressing-rooms.

With the doom and gloom of things as they were on the ptich, Bonello put in two good saves on the 56th-minute. But on the 69th-minute, he nabbed another goal in the net from Duda.

Enter Vernon De Marco as a substitute on the 71st-miunute, and within 70 seconds he nalied another goal into Bonello’s net. Duda went to complete a hat-tirck on receiving a cross on the 80th-minute.

Malta so ended it experience in Group H for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, with just 5 points, one win, 2 draws and 7 losses.


Henry Bonello(GK)(c), Kurt Shaw, Ryan Camenzuli, Matthew Guillaumier (85′ Shaun Dimech), Joseph Mbong (85′ Triston Caruana), Paul Mbong (54′ Bjorn Kristensen), Jean Borg (78′ Karl Micallef), Alexander Satariano (54′ Luke Montebello), Cain Attard, Teddy Teuma, Zach Muscat


Martin Dúbravka(GK), Lubomir Šatka, Lukáš Haraslin (61′ Ròbert Mak), Ondrej Duda, Albert Rusnák, Tomáš Suslov, Milan Škriniar(c), Martin Koscelnik (77′ Robert Boženik), Dávid Hancko (70′ Vernon De Marco), Dávid Strelec (61′ Ladislav Almàsi), Stanislav Lobotka (70′ Jakub Hromada)

Referee: Fran Jović