Malta Motorsport Federation’s annual general meeting

From Left: MMF Vice-President William England, Jean Todt President of FIA, MMF President Duncan Micallef, and MMF General Secretary Jonathan Bruno

The annual general meeting of the Malta Motorsport Federation was recently held in St. Julians, and this was the first since President Duncan Micallef had been at the helm of the Federation. The main agenda topic at this meeting was the nomination of William England for the post of Vice-President.

England occupied various posts both as an official as well as an administrator within the Federation. Last year, during the same election that elected Micallef as President, England was elected as Vice-President for one year; now, England is elected for the entire term of three years. England was elected unanimously by all the clubs attending the meeting.

Ruben Galea, treasurer of the Federation, reported remarkable improvements in the finances of the Federation and announced that the Federation can now start looking forward to new projects.

England thanked those present for their previous cooperation and confirmed him for a further three years, during which the Federation has enormous challenges of which the motorsport set to benefit.

At the end of the meeting, Micallef said, “we are all happy with what we achieved so far in these 12 months and look forward to taking the challenges ahead of us for the interest of motorsport. At last, motorsport in Malta is to benefit, and put on the national agenda where it deserves to be” Micallef thanked all those present for their support and for electing William England with such a decisive vote. Micallef concluded by thanking William England for the service he gave so far to the Federation and motorsport at large and how pleased he is to have England in his team for the coming three years.”

The administration of the Malta Motorsport Federation now consists of Duncan Micallef as President, William England as Vice President, Jonathan Bruno as General Secretary, Ruben Galea as Treasurer and Oliver Attard as Vice Secretary.