Luke Cieca releases new single ‘Our Own Way’

Luke Cieca, a local singer-songwriter, has this week released his new tune ‘Our Own Way,’ accompanied with a music video.

Luke Cieca returns to the music industry with his follow-up single release of ‘Our Own Way,’ along with a music video, after making his debut last year with the song ‘A Place We Were Good,’ which became a smash on local radio airways and introduced him as a singer-songwriter to the local music community.

‘Our Own Way’ explores the idea that not everything is designed to remain forever. Sometimes we have to accept that we must walk away from something in order to move on to the next chapter of our lives, and that is perfectly alright.

“I am pleased that I was able to collaborate with some of the most brilliant folks on the island on this tune,” Luke explains. Working with Matthew James and his fantastic production skills, Kersten Graham for featuring on the track with a sick solo, Albert Camilleri for the behind-the-scenes footage, White Noise for the artwork, Bettina Paris for her wonderful performance in the music video, and Ricky Bugeja for his incredible vision for the music video. It was a pleasure to collaborate with all of them. “Many thanks also to Sergio Costa, Skene, Teatru Metanoia, and Tal-Komun for all their assistance.”

Luke Cieca is excited to see what 2022 has in store for him musically and is now working on stuff that will be published throughout the year, but for now, here is ‘Our Own Way.’