General Elections: the buzzing vibe is we’re looking at October 2021.

One seriously doubts whether the old style mass meetings will have any place in such a campaign.”

The drums of the bush wire are beating a persistent tune and message: rumours have being doing the rounds that the Labour Party government is eager to declare an October election date.This comes with many believing that Malta will gain herd immunity from COVID-19 by September, providing an opportunity for Prime Minister, Dr. Robert Abela, to capitalise and secure his first national election.

The question beckons though: what type of an election will it be? Is the nation and its people to again expect those mass meeting formats of political campaigning, and right after a global pandemic which imposed social distancing at its core?

Start of stable clean ups?

So, has the whistle been blown? Added to the prevailing general rumour, those around the circles or halls of power have strongly implied that all Ministers have been instructed that all outstanding, or ongoing, projects presently in hand under their aegis, now have to be completed by this coming August or September at the latest.

The strong rumours thus persist in reinforcing this coming October as having been penciled in in somebody’s diary for an early (i.e. ahead of the scheduled 2022, June latest allowed) general election.

Of course, this web news portal is far from any position to confirm the veracity of these rumours. But that Malta is factually getting ever closer has of course been the subject of various opinion pieces appearing here recently. So, yes, let’s play the game of asking, why this coming October?

One bit of reasoning would go this way. “After COVID, open up for full tourism some time after June, … the tourists flow in, … more money flows into the pockets of the private sector, … and that sector and its workers will quickly forget all the long enforced worries of locking up, … and so, again, will vote Labour.” 

This is will all sort of be a three-month propaganda barrage campaign which hardly of course gives all voters any time to  analyse, and carefully read electoral programmes, and, above all, think, think, think.

One can also posit some hypothetical questions about the style and format of the campaigning within such a campaign. One seriously doubts whether the old style mass meetings will have any place in such a campaign, … how can continued COVID- pandemic-required social distancing be reconciled with mass, or even much smaller groupings, meetings?

On an assumption that there is some truth in what is stated earlier above, one is also drawn to asking whether this suddenly imposed timeframe on Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries really allows them to clean their stables in such manner and fashion as they would normally wish to do, when trying to ensure that within their ministries and departments there are left no outstanding or unsolved matters or issues which citizens would still be waiting for them to solve for them. 

It is notorious on this Island nation for this to be habitually undertaken at general election campaigning time, … for any minister to simply ignore such long outstanding problems is to be playing with voting fire, … and who would wish to be doing that?

So, again, has the whistle been factually blown?  The next few weeks are sure to be giving us much former indications.  As the Chinese would say: we live in interesting times!