Who are those MPs who smoked weed but won’t admit it?

Home Affairs Minister firmly believes other MPs have consumed marijuana but refuse to confess it.

Dr. Byron Camilleri, Minister of Home Affairs, stated in parliament that many MPs were not bold enough to admit to using cannabis in the past. Camilleri remembered the digital news portal Lovin Malta’s vox pop last year, which asked MPs if they had ever used pot in their lives, in reference to the second reading of the responsible use of cannabis bill. Camilleri and Labour MP Rosianne Cutajar were the only ones who acknowledged to doing so.

Dr. Camilleri expressed gratitude that he was never apprehended, in contrast to many other young people who were prosecuted for the crime. ‘I’m sure not all MPs, even Nationalist Party MPs who plan to vote against the proposed bill, have the fortitude to tell the truth. This is blatantly hypocritical.’

The Minister stated that he would turn away from someone smoking a cigarette today since he no longer likes the smell. He stated, ‘I don’t need this legislation for me.’ This is also in line with Prime Minister Dr Robert Abela’s comments, in which he stated that as a parent of a small child, he can “say hand on heart and with a feeling of responsibility that [he] believes[s] this legislative evolution is important.”

He stated that he would rather have a strong legislative foundation than take the easy way out and leave things alone. ‘As a lawyer, I’ve had this experience, and it’s a horrific one that no child or parent should go through.’