[WATCH] Two localities in the south witness sea level rises

Just like Robinson Crusoe: stranded on top restaurant tables, tourists and locals clambered on top of al fresco dining street furniture to avoid rising seawater levels and storm weather rain waters.

As if Malta hasn’t had its fair dose of stormy weather’s rains and flooding of roads, fields and private property, two Maltese bays to the south of the Island witnessed another phenomenon which aggravated still further the concerns of residents and motorists in these areas.

Left: Ducks swam across the Marsascala main road today from their hootch at ‘il-Magħluq’ to the sea, instead of having to use the road’s pedestrian crossing as they do daily. (Photo: Jean-Claude Cutajar)

Though the crashing of foul weather waves from the sea is nothing new to the localities of Marsascala and Marsaxlokk, which is not limited to just these areas but also to other low-lying areas which have roads and buildings built up right up to the water’s edge, today’s rise in sea level went mixed with the day’s rain downpour, causing several situations of inconvenience that saw fishing gear floating away and ducks paddling to their hearth’s content, as if to say or demonstrate that nature was reclaiming what was once hers.

Most of the Marsaxlokk residents ply their trade as professional full-time fishermen and this morning they found themselves chasing their gear along the waterfront like some frenzied treasure hunt. Vehicles parked along the promenade were also partially flooded as the waters even made it into several restaurants that line up the waterfront.

Video by Alfred Buhagiar Snr

Maltese nationals and tourist visitors visiting the Sunday market there had to climb on top of al fresco dining tables, as vendors at their stalls attempted all sorts of damage control by not letting their wares run off with the waters or get wet.

In the meantime, nearby Marsascala next door wasn’t spared anything of all this rise in seawater level, as a ramp right opposite the village parish church and the nearby playing field’s swings were all victim of this unforeseen water level rise. The conservation area of ‘il-Magħluq’ saw its resident ducks paddling across the road instead of walking across the asphalt to get to the sea. Their adorable nonchalance to the predicament of the surrounding humans was simply like ‘water off a duck’s back’ today!!