University bus stop’s road resurfaced after TheIsland.Mt highlights dangers in area

Finally !!! Hopefully no more puddles to cross to reach the University bus stop outside campus.

About a month ago in mid-October 2021, our web news portal’s Facebook page had shared and published a lament from commuters using the University’s bus stop (outside its main gate located near the Gateway Building), about the dismal and unsafe state of affairs of the road surface, right smack before where the buses would come to a halt to take any boarding passengers.

This campus bus stop is used by many far and wide, and not just University campus students, but also visitors and out-patients from the nearby Mater Dei Hospital just across the road.

In essence, the bus stop’s asphalt road surface was so severely pot holed and in bad shape, that a sizeable pond had over time developed.

Our shared photos in October, and again some three weeks ago, clear as day showed that the commuters were risking – or actually – getting drenched as traffic drove past around the roundabout at this bus stop, and that pedestrians could not either walk safely over a pedestrian crossing there either.

The state of affairs was so exacerbated, that wild shrubs had started growing out of the pond developed there at.

Well, seems that the message finally got through as word was received that works were these past couple of days underway to remedy the situation, as the image above clearly shows. And maybe also in time for the numerous graduation ceremonies underway in the evenings, which see parents and relatives of the graduates attending the proceedings with their graduating family members.

Thanks to concerned who mustered muscle and effort to make safe this bus stop area.