Union orders its Police members not to phone car owners to move their vehicles

Malta Police Union members have been told not to contact car owners when the Transport Malta (TM) agency or the Local Enforcement Systems Agency (LESA) request that the motorists move their cars.

The Malta Police Union has instructed its members not to accept requests from Transport Malta (TM) and LESA to contact vehicle owners in order to move their parked vehicles.

According to the union, Police personnel get these requests at police stations on a frequent daily basis, despite the fact that the legislation says that these government agencies, including Local Councils, should manage the removal when the vehicles are causing an obstruction.

The union also stated that these requests are having a severe impact on its union’s members, who are already struggling to keep up with their general proper police work’s volume load.

It gave the example of what happened on September 6, when police at the Valletta Police Station were asked by a TM officer to call the owners of 53 vehicles due to construction.

The union claimed that it was issuing this instruction so that, beginning of Monday, its police-personnel union members would no longer accept these requests, unless there was an emergency that may pose a danger. It went on to say that they should not give out phone numbers to members of other authorities.

It was underlined that these orders do not apply to ordinary individuals who seek Police help due to an obstruction, such as when a car is parked in front of their garage.