Retired Russian Colonel exposes that Russian military forces ‘cannot compete’ with Ukrainian troops equipped with Western weapons and technologies

Russia: Expert warns against further mobilization in Ukraine. Putin humiliated on state TV as Russian colonel admits military ‘cannot compete’ with Kyiv. He went on to warn that Russia would struggle to replenish its colossal losses.

President Vladmir Putin has suffered another bitter humiliation this week after a retired Russian colonel admitted on live state TV that Russia is struggling to replenish its monumental losses in Ukraine and that even a mass mobilisation would not help.

The retired Russian colonel, Mikhail Khodaryonok, has told Russian state TV viewers that the country’s military cannot compete with Ukraine’s equipment from NATO. In a stark admission on the tightly-controlled propaganda channel Russia-1, Col. Khodaryonok dismantled the idea that a mass mobilisation call-up would bolster Russia’s war efforts in Ukraine. The warning came on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s awaited Victory Day speech, in which he fell short of announcing a full mobilisation of his army.

In a TV chat show’s video clip, viewed more than a million times online, the senior military expert admitted that Russia is struggling to replenish its colossal losses in Ukraine. He added that Russia does not have the “pilots or the planes” to send into the battlefield.

Col. Khodaryonok said: “Let’s imagine the drumroll, the sound of fanfare, and the mobilisation is declared. How soon under this mobilisation will we get the first fighter aviation regiment? We would get it by New Year’s.”

Retired Russian Colonel Khodaryonok said the Russian military cannot compete with Ukraine’s equipment from NATO.

He continued: “We don’t have the reserves, the pilots, or the planes so the mobilisation would be of little help. If tonight we order new ships to be built, how soon will we get the first one? In two years! That’s the deal with mobilisation. If we set a goal of forming a new tank division, when would it be ready? I would say in at least 90 days. And it wouldn’t be equipped with modern weaponry because we don’t have modern weapons and equipment in our reserves.”

The retired Russian Colonel added: “Sending people armed with weapons of yesteryear into a war of the 21st century to fight against global standard NATO weapons would not be the right thing to do. We need to replenish our losses, of course, but this should be done through industrial enterprises. Mobilisation would not solve these issues.”

Security expert John Aravosis tweeted: “This is amazing. Russian military expert kind of admits they’re screwed.”

Russia has dismissed speculation that it will declare all-out war in Ukraine as ‘nonsense’. 
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The Atlantic’s David Frum reacted: “Russian bully wakes up to realisation of what it has done to itself.

However, British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said last week that the Moscow parade might be used to drum up support for a mass mobilisation of troops and renewed push into Ukraine.

Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, echoed this, saying: “Russia has already moved to covert mobilisation and is preparing to announce open mobilisation in the near future. “I’m quite curious: how will they explain this to their own people?”