President of Malta expresses the importance of a multilateralism approach in foreign affairs

President George Vella’s state visit in Germany

The President of Malta, Dr George Vella expressed his concern about populism while pointing out the importance of a multilateralism approach in foreign affairs. He mentioned these issues during his address to guests at an event organised by the Embassy of Malta in Germany when commemorating the 57th anniversary of Malta’s Independence.

“Both Malta and Germany are very close to the approach of multilateralism in foreign affairs”, Dr Vella said. He explained how the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has further strengthened this conviction. Vella stressed the importance of unity in such challenges and said that multilateralism allows countries to join forces to achieve common goals.

“We cannot allow populism to divide us”, the President added while explaining the importance of joining forces to find solutions that respect human dignity and ensure security and protection for each country.

President Vella took the opportunity to explain more about the establishment of the Foundation for National Unity, whose ultimate aim is the people themselves. “I have citizens in mind”, said the President saying that the foundation will be created for them and that citizens themselves will be those who contribute to it and benefit from its growth and vision.