Robert Abela vs Chris Fearne: how to detract votes away from your political rival

Following the resignation from the Labour Party’s benches in Parliament of Dr Silvio Grixti, which then saw nobody cast their name to contest his vacant seat, the entry of hand-picked Dr Andy Ellul is being given many interpretations and coloured facets of its real ultimate intents.

The Nationalist Party media and sceptics were quick to dub Ellul as being yet another “yes-man” of sorts, whose name needed some consensus or compromise within the halls and corridors of the Labour Party’s CNL Hq in Blata il-Bajda.

What was an obtusely obvious party leadership directive to Labour Party (PL) candidates who were eligible to contest the vacant seat of Dr Grixti, not to submit their names for the casual election in the third district, is being interpreted as an internal party exercise to have an MP who will tow the line of the party leader and the Prime Minister, Dr Robert Abela.

Cospicua mayor Alison Zerafa Civelli,
sister-in-law of PM and PL leader, Dr Robert Abela.

Amongst those counted in this category of “yes-man”, the PN media have cast – along with Dr Andy Ellul – the Prime Minister’s own sister-in-law, Alison Zerafa Civelli. However, Ellul was chosen instead and who in the 2017 general election was PL candidate on the fourth electoral district.

The interesting factor about this selection is the electoral district where Ellul had contested since the fourth district is openly deemed as a fortress of the Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister, Chris Fearne. With this sleight of hand, Deputy PL leader Fearne was being given a message of sorts by Abela, considering they were both neck to neck in the party leadership race after the exit of disgraced former PL leader and PM, Dr Joseph Muscat.

Of inner party circles and lesser mortals

In response to the news about Dr Andy Ellul, the PN went saying with much insistence that his choice to be co-opted into Parliament instead of Dr Silvio Grixti, was a confirmation of how if one is not within the inner circle of Robert Abela, one cannot get any work done in the PL.

The PN statement went on to explain that this manoeuvre was a confirmation that Dr Abela does not believe in the democratic process and wants to surround himself with handpicked individuals and are more loyal to him. The statement added that once again, with this being the fifth case of its kind, it bears witness that Abela had ignored what the people wanted.