Could former Nationalist rebel child Franco Debono be coming back into the party’s embrace?

Right after the Nationalist Party (PN) and Opposition Leader, Dr Bernard Grech concluded in Parliament his budget response, the former PN MP and criminal lawyer Dr Franco Debono expressed his support for Grech’s speech on social media.

This is being taken by many as another tidbit of evidence that the firebrand Debono, who in the past had a falling out with the PN while under Dr Lawrence Gonzi’s leadership, is likely to rejoin the party. Dr Debono was turned into a political pariah after publicly criticising and voting against Gonzi’s PN administration.

Debono, who has been away and detached from the PN for well over eight years, had previously expressed his thoughts, way back in August last year indicating that he was carefully “listening closely” to requests from PN members and activists for him to be their voice. Some of these PN members had also requested that he also run for leader, which he respectfully rejected.

When Dr Bernard Grech was asked about former PN MP Dr Franco Debono during a political event last April, the PN leader replied that he would be prepared to deal with any individuals who had left the party.