Uproar in Court when Jason Azzopardi accuses Owen Bonnici of being a “co-participant” in Daphne’s murder.

Chaos in court as Jason Azzopardi calls Owen Bonnici 'co-participant' in Daphne murder

Konrad Mizzi claims he cannot appear today before PAC because his lawyer isn’t available

Independent MP and ex-Energy Minister Dr Konrad Mizzi today said he could not give his testimony…

OPINION: More Of the Same ???

OPINION: much that is rotten,… and we simply haven’t started to clean the stables in any…

Prime Minister hints at a future election, implying that budget ratification may be preceded by a public vote

Prime Minister drops hint of possible election, suggesting Budget’s approval could follow popular vote

Former energy minister agrees to testify before PAC after PN presents motion to compel him to do so

Former energy minister changes his mind after PN proposes motion to force him

Parliament must unanimously agree to ask Konrad Mizzi to give evidence in the PAC — PN

"Now is the moment that the Labour Party of Robert Abela passes from words to the…

Could former Nationalist rebel child Franco Debono be coming back into the party’s embrace?

Could Franco Debono be hinting a return to the Nationalist Party?

Opposition Leader starts outlining some of the PN’s proposals for its electoral campaign: Government’s plans attacked as being only short-term stopgaps

The Opposition Leader Dr Bernard Grech's official reaction to the 2022 Budget turned out more to…

Opposition leader’s speech in Parliament this evening to outline party’s vision

Dr Bernard Grech, leader of the Opposition and Nationalist Party (PN), will address Parliament this evening…

“National broadcaster PBS lacking impartiality, truthfulness and balance” – Bernard Grech

"The Broadcasting Authority Malta plays an essential role in ensuring democracy, openness, and the right to…