Police constable receives recognition for act of bravery

Constable Charlene Delia has received recognition for an act of bravery which saw her earlier this year save a girl’s life.

The 4-year old girl was about to be hit by a car in Victoria, Gozo last January 13th. She was at the time accompanying her mother and had suddenly left her mother’s hand and darted across a road to go to her father.

PC2423 Delia noticed a vehicle heading in the child’s direction, and immediately signalled to the driver who succeeded in stopping his vehicle in time in the middle of the road.

The child’s mother was understandably somewhat in shock at the time of the incident, and felt ashamed that she had not stopped to aptly thank Constable Delia for her heroic act. Subsequently, the same mother shared the story of her daughter’s brush with death on social media, with a view to seek out the policewoman and properly express thanks for her timely intervention. Through another police officer, she managed to track Delia down and thanked her accordingly.

During an awards’ ceremony when civil servants from a wide range of government departments, ministries and agencies were recognised and awarded for their customer care work, Constable Delia said that she was dedicating the honour received to her fellow Police Force colleagues who together were doing their best in protecting the public on a daily basis. She added that it was already an honour to be serving and protecting while being as close as possible to the general public and helping them out.

Photo: Alan Saliba