Pfizer CEO says a fourth COVID vaccine will be required to combat the virus.

To beat the pandemic, most people will need a fourth COVID-19 immunization, according to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. According to the company’s CEO, the initial booster is presently fighting the infection well enough to lower the risk of hospitalization

The second booster, or a total of four jabs, will, nevertheless, be effective against the initial infection. He claims that the protection provided by the third dose is adequate, particularly in terms of mortality and hospitalization. Infections, on the other hand, have short-term consequences.

The news comes only days after Maltese health officials hinted that extending the immunization certificate to children aged 12 to 17 could be a possibility.

Israel was the first country in the world to begin administering the vaccine, having already administered half a million fourth booster shots. It was given to the elderly in the hopes of shielding them from the Omicron variant. The vaccination, according to the study’s chief researcher, is less effective against the Omicron strain.

As a result, Pfizer’s CEO said that the pharmaceutical company’s experts are working on a vaccine that could defend against the virus’s taller forms.

It’s unclear whether the fourth vaccination will become a worldwide requirement, as Maltese health officials have stated that there are no intentions to implement it. However, Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne stated earlier this year that Malta has enough vaccines to meet this requirement.