A memorial is seen surrounding the Robb Elementary School sign following the
mass shooting at Robb Elementary School, May 26, 2022, in Uvalde, Texas.

(Photo: Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Yes, the citizens and politicians, and often also the diplomats of one land are often offended, and consider it as intrusion into purely domestic affairs, when writers, or citizens, or politicians, from another country speak and comment about what is going on within their home patch, and how they should be doing things differently. Unsurprisingly the United States is, also, such a scenario.

But honesty cannot stand still and not observe what is happening in that land between and amongst the citizens there. The politicians and lawmakers there are simply bogged down under the influence and pressures, and constant control efforts, of the powerful pro-gun lobby, and particularly their National Rifle Association (NRA), to keep unchanged a situation which, for example, in one year (2020) resulted in almost 20,000 homicides resulting from the private ownership and use of guns of all sorts.

That 20,000 is a 35% increase on the previous year (2019). And this absolutely disastrous situation will not – as things presently look – be changing in any sensible way unless US lawmakers and enforcers show that they have the guts and brains to stop it.

In the US, much is constantly made of the so-called “sanctity” of the Constitution, a document that was born in 1789 and since then has had 27 updates from 1791 onwards. The latest amendment to that “sacred” document was made in 1992 with the majority of changes actually dating to pre-1971. How does that record or experience compare with other countries? Perhaps the answer to that question matters little, because it is not the frequency or the freshness of constitutional change that matters, but the substantive background and actual content of such change that matters on the ground.

Take the current concurrent debate about, finally, realisation that “all killing, including of babies within wombs”, i.e. basically overturning the rationale of that famous case Roe vs Wade, this, if finally creating a strong, indisputable, and unchangeable, legal position that abortion is out, well this does give some credit to optimistic hopers that the Americans are finally waking up to their senses. The impetus now needs to be maintained also on this big black spot on the country’s conscience, viz. the rampant possessing and uncontrolled killings taking place practically all over the land.

President Biden showed fully justified anger and grief when addressing his nation on TV after this latest tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.  Now, however, he needs to take the bull fully by the horns, get his law drafters to draft suitable constitutional amendments, and suitable laws to prohibit the possession and use of guns by private citizens. Yes, he will face hell and high water from the NRA and arms manufacturers, but it is in how he faces up to these pockets of influence and power that he will be demonstrating much of his real presidential worth.

The USA cannot wait for any longer.

The George R. Brown convention centre in downtown Houston, is seen with an NRA banner advertising
14 acres of guns and gear for the Houston’22 National Rifle Association convention, on May 25, 2022.

(Photo: Matt Patterson via AP