Nationalist Party says Government has forgotten about Gozo in their budget

The Nationalist Party (PN) has published a statement claiming that the government has completely forgotten about Malta’s sister island, Gozo, in its presentation of the 2022 Budget.

The Opposition’s statement, spokesperson Dr Chris Said said that the Minister for Gozo attended a conference regarding Budget 2022 and Gozo’s place in it, but this was to cover up the reality that Gozo was not addressed in any area of the budget for the first time in Maltese political history. According to the PN, this demonstrates how the Labour administration and the Finance Minister really see Gozo.

According to the PN, despite Minister Camilleri’s joyful announcement of the capital vote for Gozo, he failed to explain how Gozo will receive just 2.8% of capital spending. According to the opposition, this is absurd, especially given Gozo’s contribution to the majority of Maltese society.

The PN’s statement goes on to say how the Labour Party promised Gozitans jobs in Gozo. This was not fulfilled, as evidenced by the fact that the number of Gozitan workers is currently three times larger than in 2013. This reaffirms for the PN that in order for a Gozo resident to benefit from acceptable working conditions, they must find work in Malta.

The absence of projects for Gozo was also highlighted by the Opposition, with the budget showcasing only long-promised projects that have yet to be implemented. A heliport investment, the completion of the Hondoq reverse osmosis plant, the addition of a Victoria primary school, and the repair of the aqueduct are among the projects that have been promised. Gozo will also lack a fourth, suitable ferry, despite the government investing €10 million over two years to hire out an outdated one.