Nationalist Party promises chemotherapy and a hospital helipad

The Nationalist Party (PN) has stated that chemotherapy patients living in Gozo should not have to go to Malta to obtain treatment.

In addition to pledging to make this service available, the PN has suggested making MRI scans available in Gozo. These recommendations join those made by the PN’s health-related promise for Gozo.

These include a new 400-bed hospital for Gozo, as well as a hospital-based helipad to allow adequate medical helicopter transportation of patients between the Island’s hospitals. According to PN electoral candidate and nurse Josephine Xuereb, Gozitans diagnosed with cancer are presently compelled to go over to Malta for treatment twice a week.

Due to their compromised immune systems, this is a significant burden for the patients. If elected, the PN, according to Xuereb, is devoted to ending unnecessary suffering. Gozitans, according to PN MP Dr Chris Said, who serves as the party’s spokesman for Gozo, deserve nothing less.

An air link between the two islands would be extremely beneficial. Mater Dei Hospital has its own helipad, which serves as a parking lot for employees. It is scheduled to be demolished to make way for a new outpatient block that was approved earlier this year. Gozo General Hospital owns a helicopter ambulance but no helipad. Instead, the unsuitable old Xewikja heliport is utilised for medical situations.

Peter Agius, the PN’s main spokesperson referred to the helicopters stationed in Gozo and explained how at present a patient who needs a transfer from the general hospital in Victoria is placed in an ambulance and after 10 minutes drive to the Xewkija heliport, he is again placed in a helicopter to Malta, landing at the former St. Luke’s Hospital helipad in Guardamangia, into then yet another ambulance before arriving at the emergency department of Mater Dei Hospital. This is a loss of time that can mean the difference between life and death, said Peter Agius.

Agius explained that at present there is neither helipad at the Gozo hospital nor at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta as the originally projected helipad instead being used as a car park. A new PN Government shall build two helipads at both hospitals in Gozo and Malta. This is the PN’s commitment because this is the need being uttered by the hundreds of Gozitans being visited in the homes, Peter Agius concluded.