Nationalist Party leadership contest: Bernard Grech judged deserving to stand for election

In a statement by the Nationalist Party’s (PN) Candidates’ Commission, the incumbent Dr Bernard Grech has been cleared to stand for the election of the party’s leadership, according to the PN’s electoral commissioner, Dr Peter Fenech.

Fenech said that the commission’s chairman, Colin Bowman, has submitted the due diligence report on its findings to the PN’s electoral commission as well as to the administrative council, as per party statute’s rules of procedure.

The Candidates’ Commission’s decision on Grech’s idoniety to re-contest for the position of Nationalist Party leader was based on his responses to questions posed to him. Thus now, the nomination period for the post of PN leadership has been opened and therefore Grech can file his nomination, which must be seconded by three MPs, five local councillors, ten members of the executive, 50 members of the general council, and 50 PN members.

Dr Grech has been the PN’s leader since late 2020, taking over from Dr Adrian Delia after a nasty schism within the party. That rift appears to have subsided, and Dr Grech has stated numerous times in the weeks following the general election setback that the party needs to adapt, particularly as it works to address its €32 million in financial difficulties.

Grech will run for PN leadership alone, which he has already stated is a sign that no one believes they could have done better than him in the 2022 general election, which the PN lost by a landslide once again