Missing Italian’s corpse recovered near Filfla island

A corpse in an advanced stage of decomposition was recovered by an Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) rescue-launch from the area near Filfla island on Saturday. An investigation is underway, led by Magistrate Yana Micallef Stafrace, to clarify the circumstances and dynamics of the man’s death.

Initially, the Police spent the majority of the day trying to ascertain the identity of the corpse. However, it subsequently was learnt that the recovered corpse was of the missing 42-year old Italian national from Tuscanny, who went missing last Sunday.

In fact, the Police had issued on Tuesday a missing-person alert for Danilo Scolari, who had last been seen wearing a camouflaged wet suit in the Freeport area of Birzebbugia. He was known to be a spearfishing enthusiast.

When the corpse was sighted, the AFM’s intervention to recover using a Maritime Squadron rescue launch was requested. On recovery, the corpse was taken to the Squadron’s base in Haywharf, Floriana. Italian embassy staff were informed and family members are expected to arrive in Malta over the coming days.

The circumstances and the dynamics of the death are not yet clear and established, considering that the Freeport is a no-diving area and that at this time of the year the sea conditions are not in the least favourable for spearfishing.