Malta Police Union registers a trade dispute with Police chief over ‘Traffic Management’ requests by third parties

The Malta Police Union‘s executive committee after registering a trade dispute against the Commissioner of Police  last month, for the continuation of offering the Force’s ‘Traffic Management’ services at the request of third parties – was given an unjustified reply, had no option but to resort to Directives.

The Malta Police Union (MPU) considers this service to third parties as an opportunity for police personnel to earn extra income during their off duty hours. Such a service is paid by the third party requesting the traffic management service and is only granted when there is police personnel available on a date and at the time requested. The outright refusal now of this service in its entirety does not make any sense since the police leadership and administration of the Force cannot forecast when such services are requested. 

In view of this state of affairs, the MPU is asking as to why are the opportunities in hand for police personnel to improve their income are constantly being decreased by the current leadership and administration of the Force. The question also beckons as why must police personnel be forced to only work overtime at Paceville, so as to cater for the St. Julians Police Station’s own lack of staff and while a lack of planning for a proper police presence throughout the Paceville area remains perpetual, when there exist other opportunities ofr the police personnel to supplement their income.

The MPU also notes that the COVID-19 pandemic has afflicted the Islands for more than 18 months and the Malta Police Force is using this pandemic as a convenient pretext of an excuse for all its administrative inactions. The union reminds the Force’s initial excuse was that this service to third parties is degrading; now it is using the pandemic. The Union awaits now for the third excuse of sorts. 

Union directives to police personnel issued 

Since this unresolved matter persists and following several internal meetings despite the MPU’s request for mediation continuation were also unacknowledged, the MPU has issues the following directives to its union members: 

  • As from 6am on Sunday 26th September 2021, all members of the Force performing Supplementary Duties (extra duty/overtime) are to wear the uniform issued T-shirt, baseball cap and ID-tag for identification. 
  • Full normal working uniform must be worn for all other duties.