In view of the increasing prices, ADPD urges for an immediate minimum wage increase

The ADPD party-chairman, Arch. Carmel Cacopardo, said that Malta’s minimum wage is inadequate to live a decent life and should be raised.

The ADPD has stated that the government of Malta must reconsider the country’s minimum wage norm in light of surging prices and the worryingly rising cost of living.

Arch. Carmel Cacopardo, the chairperson of the Green Party, has stated that workers earning the minimum wage are ‘clearly poor,’ and that such a wage can be considered adequate when a standard of fairness is reached in relation to the wages of other workers and when a decent standard of living is adapted.

Malta’s current minimum wage is €181 per week, and it was last raised in 2017. Many have emphasised the price increase of everyday needs such as bread and milk, with ADPD deputy secretary-general Sandra Gauci emphasising that such price hikes in the present economic context will be especially harmful to lower-income workers. Gauci went on to propose that the cost-of-living-adjustment system considers the purchase of everyday necessities such as face masks and IT products while excluding less significant things such as cigarettes.

“In layman’s terms, this indicates that the minimum salary at 2020 prices is 40% lower than the minimal level for a good pay.” Those receiving the minimum wage are unquestionably among the working poor. “The minimum wage is not a livable income,” said Arch. Cacopardo.