Tunisian fisherman intercepted by Maltese armed forces inside Maltese fisheries’ zone

Two Tunisian registered fishing vessels were yesterday Sunday intercepted by an Armed Forces of Malta patrol…

In 2021, Customs Malta seized 39,578 bottles of wine

Customs Malta has disclosed that in 2021, they seized 39,578 bottles of wine and 584 bottles…

Nationalist Party says Government has forgotten about Gozo in their budget

According to the Nationalist Party, the government has forgotten about Gozo in its budget.

Union orders its Police members not to phone car owners to move their vehicles

Malta Police Union members have been told not to contact car owners when the Transport Malta agency or the Local Enforcement Systems Agency (LESA) request that the motorists move their cars.

And the rain poured…

And the rains have most certainly arrived…

Extra €100 for having a new baby or adopting one, while new parents to get a sustainable infant ‘starter-pack’

Parents of newborns or adopted children will see an increase in grants and parental or leave

OPINION: On Manipulative Culture

No apology is made if return is resorted to problems, as yet untackled, in that PBS…

Church entities and schools not in favour of a rushed cannabis reform bill

This week, the Church schools slammed the government's hurry to pass cannabis law so close to…

With more people finding new homes, those on social housing waiting list will decrease

Social housing waiting list to drop as many find new homes

Pope Francis meets with Prime Minister Abela in Vatican

Rescheduled Papal visit now slated for next year's first quarter, Prime Minister Abela confirms