Foreign national rescued after accident on demolition site

Photo: Captain Norman D’Amato via Facebook

A 47-year old foreign construction worker, believed to be Turkish, was earlier this evening rescued from a narrow 18-metre hole he had fallen into, while working on the demolition site of the old Verdala Hotel in Rabat.

It was at around 6:10 p.m., when the Malta Police were alerted about the incident. Several police personnel from the district’s police station rushed on site to assess the situation and try to administer first aid.

Subsequently, firefighters and rescuers from the Civil Protection Department (CPD) were also soon on site, along with an Emergency Medical Team (EMT) from Mater Dei Hospital.

A colleague of the employee in distress and another workman explained to those who arrived to assist that their workmate had fallen down a tunnel or cave which was allegedly thought to be some 20 to 30 metres deep, or the equivalent of some 6 storeys.

During the rescue attempt, there was some commotion as the trapped worker could be heard panicking and screaming. To facilitate matters, the rescuers instructions had to be translated into the Turkish language.

The delicate rescue and recovery operation conducted by the CPD yielded its results, as the Turkish worker was pulled out and immediately rushed to hospital for treatment required.

Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OHSA) officials were also seen on the accident’s site. Although the rescued man is known to have suffered some fractured bones, his overall condition is at this moment still unknown.

Photo: Captain Norman D’Amato via Facebook