[WATCH] Several negative reactions to Malta’s reintroduced mask-wearing measure

Warning – Contains strong language

When Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne stated that masks will be required to be worn in open public settings as of Saturday, the move was received with a wave of negative comments, while some welcomed it.

The reinstated step is an attempt to restrict the spread of COVID-19, and it comes in response to the unexpected increase of the Omicron COVID-19 variant across Europe, despite the fact that no cases have been documented in Malta thus far. Malta has also witnessed a recent increase in COVID-19 instances, with 1364 ongoing cases (at the time of writing) and 88 new cases reported today.

While some have stated that the immunizations and boosters were required, they are angry that despite having the shots, they were confronted with ‘nonsensical laws’ and the resumption of mask-wearing.

Others jokingly pointed to the fact that in December 2020, they were instructed to take the vaccination in order to regain their life, and in December 2021, they were told to obtain the booster as well as wear the masks, claiming that they had been made a fool of.

The penalty for not wearing a mask have not yet been stated. The previous mask mandate, which ran from October 2020 to July 2021, imposed fines of €100, which might be lowered to €50 if paid before legal action was taken.

‘I will put on a show for the cops if they penalise me for not wearing a mask.’

Following the statement by the Health Minister, no-vaxer Edwin ‘Dwinu’ Gatt continued to broadcast inflammatory videos and postings on Facebook. In his most recent video, which we’ve shared, he goes on to say that he’ll ‘make a show’ on social media with the first policeman or LESA officer who tries to punish him for not wearing a mask.

Gatt was unimpressed, querying why individuals were vaccinated against COVID-19 if mask restrictions would still be enforced.

He also dismissed the recently found Omicron variation, ridiculing it by declaring that Optimus Prime will ‘come and morph, and you’ll gobble that up as well.’ Gatt also appears to have received some internet support for his beliefs, and he went on to thank everyone who supported him. He did criticise both political parties and wrongly claimed individuals who had vaccinations as being more prone to transmit COVID-19.