Malta tightens controls for UK visitors in response to covid worries, but the limitations irritate airport employees

Despite France recently relaxing travel restrictions for UK visitors, Malta has tightened its requirements for anyone intending to jet out on vacation, but the limitations have enraged the country’s airport staff.

While travel restrictions for essential destinations such as France are lessening, certain countries, particularly Malta, are moving in the opposite direction.

To reduce the danger of covid, the Maltese government has declared that it would tighten its travel procedures by setting an expiration date on immunisation cards issued in the country.

The move comes as the nation, which used to draw half a million visitors every year before the epidemic, has registered over 6,000 instances of covid in the previous seven days.

British travellers will still need to provide evidence of vaccination to enter the country, however, under the new restrictions, covid vaccine certificates will only be valid for three months after the second dosage as of Monday (January 17).

Furthermore, everyone who has had a booster dosage will have nine months until their vaccine certificate expires, and only those who have been vaccinated will be able to enter pubs, restaurants, gyms, pools, theatres, and athletic events.

According to MyLondon, the decision is anticipated to hurt Maltese citizens, with the vaccine travel restrictions infuriating the country’s airport officials, who have deemed the measures unnecessary.

The restriction applies to all British citizens aged 12 and over, but minors aged five to eleven can travel with a vaccinated parent or legal guardian.

To enter, they must also have a negative PCR test result obtained within the past 72 hours.

“Given that Malta is the only member state that has shortened the validity period of covid vaccination certificates, the Superintendent of Public Health has imposed an unnecessary hurdle for Maltese residents to travel, as well as undermining consumer confidence for the tourism industry during this already very challenging winter period,” the airport said in a statement.

“We ask the health authorities to refrain from imposing additional unneeded and unplanned travel restrictions, which are contrary to the spirit of the European Union’s goal of facilitating free movement between all European Member States.”

Malta has tightened their travel rules.