Health Minister announces more loosened measures for gatherings

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne revealed some new pandemic restrictions relaxing when it comes to events during a news conference.

The first significant step was to increase the number of people around a table at seated occasions such as a wedding, limiting access to those who had been vaccinated, from 6 to 8 persons. If the tables are outdoors, the distance is reduced to one metre, whereas if the tables are inside, the distance is reduced to one and a half metres.

For seated events limited to vaccinated people, such as weddings, the space between clusters of people can now be reduced to one metre while simultaneously raising the capping to 300 persons from 100. Events for vaccinated persons also needed children under the age of 12 to produce negative PCR or Rapid Tests since they were ineligible for the shot. Starting Monday, this measure will be repealed, which means that households with vaccinated adults accompanying anyone under the age of 12 will no longer require PCRs for the youngsters.

Fearne also stated that the test event results are being analysed to determine whether any more upgrades to other events or situations, such as schools and Christmas festivities, are possible. The findings will be finalised and announced at the end of the week.

The prior regulations stipulated that public transportation, including rapid ferry services, do not exceed their 65 percent capacity. As of next Monday, this will increase to 80%.

Travel restrictions will also result in the removal of some nations from the dark red list and the reinstatement of others. This is mostly due to the MU variation being regarded as a variant of little interest but not of worry, although certain nations, like as Russia, have reported an increase in the number of cases and fatalities since the pandemic began.