Vandalised Qormi Dejam Cross: a father and son charged with vandalism

Vandalised and destroyed: the Salib tad-Dejma, a centuries-old cross on the outskirts of Qormi and located in the Ħandaq Industrial Estate

The vandal act perpetrated on the Dejma Cross in the Tal-Ħandaq area of Qormi has been solved by the Police.

The police inquiry into the destruction of the Dejma Cross in the Tal-Ħandaq industrial area last month has been completed. According to sources close to the investigation, charges have been filed against a father and his son from Luqa who run a company in the area.

Both suspected perpetrators are likely to be prosecuted in court next week on vandalism charges. The father will also be prosecuted with recidivism and false reporting to the police at the Qormi Police Station, only three-quarters of an hour after allegedly perpetrating the vandalism.

The damage of the Dejma Cross in Ħandaq occurred on September 21st, a public holiday, when the area is less frequented by workers and hence unusually calm. In recent days, police investigations have come to a close. It is most possible that the damage was motivated by the fact that the Qomi Local Council had declared that the Restoration Directorate will repair the Dejma Cross.

The Ħandaq Secondary School stated on social media that it had long advocated for the area to be maintained better and had complained about the neglect in the neighbourhood, while also emphasising how sad it was to have magnificent schools surrounded by illegal dumping of rubbish, including vehicle tyres and garbage bags.

The history of the Dejma Cross dates back to the 15th century, when local militia men of the Dejma gathered here before being given instructions on their coastline guard duty. The name ‘Dejma’ is derived from the fact that these warriors were members of a regiment that was always ready to protect their nation, according to legend. The exact period of construction of the Ħandaq Dejma Cross is unknown, but it dates back several centuries.