Sliema murder suspect to be charged by Police

It was revealed earlier this morning that the Malta Police are intent on charging Sliema murder suspect, Abner Aquilina, with the killing of Paulina Dembska, notwithstanding the fact that his interrogation was suspended over mental health concerns.

It was web news portal ‘Lovin Malta’ that cited their police sources as presently awaiting further assessment of Aquilina’s state of mind before he is formally arraigned in court. Though the interrogation is a setback, police detectives firmly believe that they have enough evidence in their hands to pursue a criminal case against Aquilina.

However, the same police sources concede that the suspect may claim insanity when faced with the charges.

The 29-year old Polish national but Sliema resident Dembska was murdered on 2nd January at Independence Gardens in Sliema, where she used to feed stray cats. Media reports have claimed that her autopsy indicated clearly that she was raped and strangled.

The 20-year-old Zejtun resident, Abner Aquilina, is the main suspect for her murder. He has since been referred to Mount Carmel Hospital, as police continue to conduct difficult investigations to establish any link between him and his victim.