Uproar in Court when Jason Azzopardi accuses Owen Bonnici of being a “co-participant” in Daphne’s murder.

Chaos in court as Jason Azzopardi calls Owen Bonnici 'co-participant' in Daphne murder

Courts fine Tunisian fisherman caught fishing illegally inside Maltese waters

Tunisian fishermen fined for illegal fishing in Maltese waters

Domestic abuse reports on parents perpetrated by their own children, has grown

Number of parents who report domestic violence by their own children has increased

Prisoner had a dossier containing information about minors

A Corradino Correctional Facility (CCF) inmate was found with a dossier including information about the children…

Man sentenced to three years in jail for assaulting TM officials during Nadur Carnival

Man sentenced to three years in prison and fined €4,000, after being found guilty of attacking…

Vandalised Qormi Dejam Cross: a father and son charged with vandalism

Father and Son to be charged with vandalising Dejma Cross

Eight against one: Bojan Cmelik found guilty of the murder of entrepreneur Hugo Chetcuti

Bojan Cmelik has been convicted of the murder of businessman Hugo Chetcuti, with eight votes against…

Confidential Documents From Konrad Mizzi-Led Projects Were Given to Yorgen Fenech

Yorgen Fenech, the Tumas Group businessman, was handed sensitive information related projects led by Dr Mizzi.

Banned by Court from owning dogs for 25 years

Maltese Dog Show Enthusiast Who Owned 41 Dogs Banned From Keeping Animals For 25 Years

Weapons theft solved by Police within 24 hours

Man arrested in connection with theft of arms and weapons worth thousands