Controversial Mosta clergyman to be arraigned in court and charged with inciting hatred via a social media post of his

Fr. David Muscat

Rev. David Muscat said that being gay is worse than being gay.

Police are expected to arraign Fr David Muscat in court with the accusation of hate speech after posting online on his social media timeline disparaging remarks about gay people, even saying that being gay is worse than being gay.

The Minister for Social Inclusion Julia Farrugia Portelli, the Advisory Council for Gay Rights and the Gay Rights Movement, all submitted a formal report against the priest following his comments. Equality Minister Dr Owen Bonnici and several other organizations also condemned the remarks.

According to web news portal, Fr Muscat is expected to be charged in late January.

The priest, who has on other occasions expressed disparaging views about LGBTIQ people, was referring to a photo of Abner Aquilina, the suspect in the gruesome murder of Paulina Dembska on January 2.

Aquilina is seen wearing in the photo a shirt with a triangle and rainbow colours which Fr David made somehow a connection to the flag used by the LGBTIQ community. On Facebook he wrote bluntly that “gayyaġni” is worse than being a joke.

Archbishop Msgr Charles Scicluna

Archbishop Msgr Charles Scicluna said he was shocked by Fr. David Muscat’s comments. In fact, he has ordered Muscat to stop making insulting and hurtful remarks, or he would stop him from exercising priestly ministry in public.

Fr David Muscat is also very close to ‘Imperium Europa’, Norman Lowell’s extreme right wing party. Lowell has been outspoken in man a disparaging manner about women, disabled people and people of different races and colours.

Extreme right wing party Imperium Europa’s Norman Lowell