Carnival confirmed not to return to its pre-COVID traditional Maltese format

According to news media reports online, the annual Maltese carnival celebrations will not return this year to theirpre-COVID pandemic format.

This year’s carnival program will be following those issues public health authorities’ protocols, while continuing to celebrate the artistic expression and Maltese cultural traditions.

The program is expected to include an exhibition of Carnival costumes and photography, an interpretation of the ‘Qarċilla’ at Spazju Kreattiv in Valletta, and installations using traditional carnival themed material which will be exhibited on the streets of Valletta.

Last year’s Carnival had brought hope that one of the biggest Carnival shows Malta had ever seen would be staged this year. Hope and faith in this was so great that King Carnival was depicted upside down to symbolize that the worst of the pandemic was about to pass and our lives would be returning to normal.