… And you thought that it was just the Nationalists who owed big monies, …

According to the Maltese-language newspaper and web news portal ‘ILLUM’, published by Media Today, as things stand right now, the Labour Party (PL) and its media also have millions in debts to the Government for social security contributions, VAT and bills.

‘ILLUM’ writes that its PL sources assert that their news media arms, One Productions, has millions in debt which is close to € 10 million. The Chairman of ONE Productions, Jason Micallef, is denying this claim but without denying that the PL’s media arm has millions in debt of which in fact is owed entirely to the Government and not to private companies. Micallef also punctuates his blurts with “that there is an agreement with various entities to repay this debt.”

The bulk of this debt is in VAT, social security contributions, and even electricity and water service utilities’ bill repayments, which was already by ‘ILLUM”s sister newspaper and web news portal ‘Maltatoday‘ recently. At the time, it was revealed that the ONE Productions had € 1.25 million to pay in electricity and water, while the Nationalist Party’s media arm, MediaLink, had debts amounting to € 3.5 million.

The same sources who spoke to ‘ILLUM’ also added that an agreement reached years ago was not honoured, but at the end of last year another agreement was reached through which the payments to the Government that were in arrears started.

The PL media arm is not alone in this type of debt, since ‘ILLUM’ had also revealed back in February 2022 that the PN had € 12 million to pay in social security contributions, VAT and even bills to ARMS.

This means that the parties between them – as the financial situation of the PN has remained rather precarious – will have to give around € 20 million to the Government in VAT, stamp duty and electricity and water service utilities’ bills.

Change of headship at ONE Productions

To continue spicing up the scene in Marsa, the current Chairman of ONE Productions, Jason Micallef is not expected to continue running the PL media, despite his categorical denial to ‘ILLUM’ that he was asked to resign by the Prime Minister, Dr Robert Abela. He neither didn’t want to comment on his future plans in his current post, which he has now held for years. However, according to ‘ILLUM’s sources said he is expected to leave his PL media post to take up a different post elsewhere.

PN debts

The political parties’ respective debts have been the topic of several articles and a discussion in the local Maltese media. Even PN leader, Dr Bernard Grech, admitted a week ago that the party has a debt of € 32 million, something that both Media Today news outlets ‘Maltatoday’ and ‘ILLUM’ has been reporting for a long time. A few weeks ago, ‘ILLUM’ also reported how last August, the VAT Department had sent a letter in which it warned PN officials to start paying, which warning seems to have fallen on dead ears.

In February 2020, ‘ILLUM’ also reported how the PN media was losing around one million euros a year.