An apologetic ‘volte-face’ by Academy for Disciplined Forces’ director of studies

Following a condemnation drawn from the Nationalist Party (PN) and the civil liberties NGO Repubblika, the Academy for Disciplined Forces’s director of studies, John Charles Ellul, has admitted that his Facebook post was indeed “inappropriate”.

Young John Charles Ellul with the Police forensics unit.

Ellul is a former senior police inspector and forensics expert who also serves as a University of Malta visiting lecturer at the Department of Criminology. He is also the brother of junior minister and government whip, Dr Andy Ellul.

Ellul had asked on social media “are there any more eggs and tomatoes that can be hurled at the PN as they exit parliament?” The Facebook post was not shared publicly, however moments after it was posted, the Home Affairs Minister, Dr Byron Camilleri, asked him to delete it.

Ellul later posted an apology on Facebook after Minister Camilleri asked Ellul to delete the offensive post and apologise. Ellul wrote “I apologise for a post I uploaded here earlier. I am sorry if I gave the impression that we do not need to be respectful and tolerant towards each other despite not agreeing on everything. Once again, I apologise.”

“It is very clear that such comments will not be tolerated. Minister Camilleri consistently insists on the importance that everyone is respectful towards others,” a Home Affairs Ministry spokesperson told ‘Times of Malta’

The PN and the Repubblika NGO both stated that it as “unacceptable” and unbecoming of someone responsible for training police officers, soldiers and members of other uniformed corps.