Public consultation launched on responsible use of cannabis.

  • Decriminalisation for up to 7 grams of cannabis possession
  • A household can grow up to 4 plants for personal use only
  • Crimes no longer considered as such by this law will be removed from one’s police conduct by means of simple procedure
  • Consumption of cannabis in public will not be allowed & those found in breach of this will be subject to a €233.33 administrative fine.

In an effort to strengthen the legal framework on the responsible use of cannabis, the government yesterday launched a public consultation process through a White Paper.

During a press conference yesterday afternoon, the Prime Minister Dr. Robert Abela said that one government proposal was for the possession of more than 7 grams but less than 28 grams for one’s exclusive personal use, ought to be subject to proceedings before the Commissioner for Justice, as currently contemplated for the possession of less than 3.5 grams.

Furthermore, another proposal see allowing every household to grow up to 4 plants, in a space which is not visible to the public, and which does not emit odours. What is cultivated there though cannot be sold, and it is to be consumed only in the same household. Cannabis cannot be used in front minors, and the household’s residents have to ensure that it is stored in places which are not accessible to minors living in that same household. 

Dr. Abela said that the general principles set out in the White Paper will be those on which any future cannabis legislative framework will be based upon. 

Prime Minister Robert Abela launches a public consultation process on a White Paper to strengthen the legal framework on the responsible use of cannabis-Auberge de Castille.

He said that Government shall consider the stakeholders’ opinions with a view to clarifying which are the authorised smoking locations, and the finer details of communal smoking.

The Prime Minister mentioned that there must be legal sources where from purchases of cannabis and cannabis seeds can be done. However, such a topic is being left open in the White paper which will allow government to compile the general public’s opinions. He aid that “Our direction is to have a legal and regularised source from which people can buy cannabis and cannabis seeds.” 

Over the weekend, Abela hinted that the White Paper proposes that cannabis users are not arrested for smoking a joint. Yesterday, Dr. Abela followed up with stating that the White Paper’ aim is not to incentivise a cannabis culture, but rather to lessen the harm cannabis can do on a person, which includes the humiliation of police arrest, their interrogation or detained person’s arraignment in court for smoking a joint.

Abela underlined that all will stand on the principle that anybody found in possession of a small amount of cannabis will not be subject to criminal or judicial proceedings in front of a tribunal or drug court.

The launch of the cannabis reform’s timing has though brought some criticism as it coincides right on the revelation by an international journalistic investigation of the Macbridge’s ownership, see social media comment below by Lovinmalta’s journalist Tim Diacono.

The biggest criticism of the cannabis reform that Malta launched yesterday seems to be the timing of it; there were many…

Posted by Tim Diacono on Wednesday, 31 March 2021