Police Union expresses ‘disgust’ over deal with Darren Debono in judicial protest against Attorney General

The plea deal agreement made by the Attorney General with Daren Debono known as “it-Topo” has undermined the morale of the Police personnel and had also led to several resignations, according to a protest filed in the First Hall of the Court Civil filed by the Malta Police Union (MPU).

Daren “it-Topo” Debono

The MPU has filed a judicial protest against the Attorney General with regards to the agreement reached with bank robber Daren Debono, in which agreement the charges related to the attempted murder of Police personnel on the crime scene were dropped so that Debono could testify against his co-accused, Vince “il-Kohhu” Muscat.

Vincent “il-Kohhu” Muscat

In the judicial protest, signed by lawyer Dr David Bonello, the MPU expressed its “concern, confusion and disgust” at the agreement reached by the AG “with a person who unscrupulously shot directly at members of the force.” The union described the move as a “blow” to its members and police personnel in general.

“Obviously the Attorney General’s Office did not take into account the damage done to the morale of the members, because the message conveyed by the Attorney General through this agreement and the drop of the accusations is of “An assassination attempt on a police officer is a matter of ignoring the fact that officers are willing to give their lives in the fight against crime.”

“It’s easy to sit behind a desk and drop charges of attempted murder with a pen,” the MPU said, stressing the strong impact of the shooting on the health of the officers involved.

“This is the thanks that the Attorney General’s Office is giving to these police personnel, whom the union considers to be heroes,” said the judicial protest, which reiterated its previous invitation – which was made within its initial response to the news of the agreement – that the next time a similar incident occurs, the AG would “participate in the exchange of gunfire” that is taking place.

The Attorney General’s actions undermined Police Force’s morale so much that police personnel were less willing to put themselves in danger in similar situations and had even led to the resignation of several officers, “some in high ranking positions because they know they are not respected… ”

The outcome of the deal will also lead to any potential recruits intending to pursue a career in the police force, to rethink their options, the MPU said. The judicial protest also informs the Attorney General that she is being held liable for past and future damages as a result of the action.