New speed limits for motorists imposed on Marsa flyovers

The €70-million Marsa Junction Project, co-financed through the EU’s Cohesion Fund and Connecting Europe Facility.
(Photo: Infrastructure Malta)

Much discussion has in recent days brewed on social media on the Maltese authorities introducing new speed limits for the tracts of public roadway which cover the Marsa Flyovers’ project. Over 100,000 individuals drive through this area every day.   

The €70-million Marsa Junction Project by Infrastructure Malta (IM) was co-financed through the EU’s Cohesion Fund and Connecting Europe Facility. During the construction works, IM had issued advisories that a 30km/hr reduced speed limit was in force for safe driving through road works’ numerous sites of the Marsa Junction Project, including the two new flyover structures.   

The Marsa Junction Project included the development of a new multi-level intersection to replace the Addolorata traffic lights system with 12 kilometres of uninterrupted lanes, grade-separated at three levels, creating direct northbound and southbound connections between the arterial roads merging at this network node. It is eliminated traffic lights waiting times along this principal route to southern Malta, whilst reducing congestion emissions in Marsa and other nearby localities. It also introduced new facilities for alternative modes of travel, such as footpaths and cycle paths, segregated pedestrian crossings, improved bus lay-bys, bus lanes, a park and ride area, new landscaped areas and other new infrastructure.

The two interconnected flyover structures, which extend half a kilometre, have now given all motorists an uninterrupted connection between Marsa and Luqa, towards the Malta International Airport (MIA) and the Kirkop Tunnels, to replace the previous route through the Addolorata Cemetery traffic lights junction.

The other flyover structures and new lanes that Infrastructure Malta built has also created similar uninterrupted connections between Aldo Moro Road and the other roads merging at the former Addolorata traffic lights junction, including Sir Paul Boffa Avenue (towards Corradino and Paola), Santa Lucija Avenue (Addolorata Hill) and Marsa Road (towards Qormi).  

New speed limits imposed

The following are the new speed limits which all motorists must be now be aware of and comply with when driving over the Marsa Junction’s Flyovers:

  • From Aldo Moro Road to Sta. Lucia – 60 km/hr
  • From Garibaldi Road to Aldo Moro Road – 40 km/hr
  • From Aldo Moro Road to Garibaldi Road – 40 km/hr
  • From Sta. Lucia to Marsa – 50 km/hr
  • From Sta. Lucia to Garibaldi Road – 50 km/hr
  • From Paola to Garibaldi Road or Aldo Moro Road – 50 km/hr

Speed limits for minibuses now stands at 60 km/hr, and in urban built up areas this is at 40 km/hr, unless there aren’t road-signs indicated an even lower speed limit.

Over-speeding fines start from €34-94c if speeds are exceeded by 15 km/hr, with the motorist losing also between 3 to 6 points on their driving licence. Fines increase up to €69-88c if speeds are exceeded beyond 15 km/hr, with 3 to 6 point loss on the driving licence.

One’s driving licence may also be withdrawn for two months if a motorist is penalised 12 points.