Grech confirmed as Nationalist Party’s leader with 81% of the vote

Photo; Media.Link Communications

Dr Bernard Grech was yesterday confirmed as PN leader with 81% of the vote cast by Nationalist Party’s councillors.

Announcing the party’s leadership election result was the Chairman of the Nationalist Party’s Electoral Commission, Dr Peter Fenech.

He said that out of 1,564 eligible councillors, 1,402 had voted, which is 90% of those eligible. 12 votes were invalid.

There were 1,390 valid votes cast, out of which Grech got 1,124 votes, while 266 were against him continuing to play this role.

There were 15 votes of people who voted by proxy due to various conditions, including those who are abroad due to illness.

In his first reaction through a message posted on social media, Dr Bernard Grech thanked those PN councillors who supported him with a strong vote.

He said that he will be translating this vote into more work for Malta and for the Nationalist Party.

“I will be listing important decisions that we must courageously take together to move this Party forward to the next successful steps,” Grech said.

In recent weeks, Dr Bernard Grech had been constantly appealing to party councillors to give him confidence in strengthening party policy. Grech had said he wanted to have context from someone else taking up the post, but by the time the nominations were over, he had stated that now that he was the only one, those eligible needed to be trusted to be able to ‘leads the party to form a strong opposition.