After Maltese clergyman’s homophobic comments online, Archbishop of Malta apologises

Following homophobic comments by a Mosta-based priest, Malta’s Archbishop issues an apology.

The Malta Dioceses’ Archbishop, Msgr Charles J. Scicluna made an apology during a televised celebration of Christ the King’s Holy Mass, for homophobic comments posted online by a local priest on his social media’s timeline.

Though not mentioning the Mosta-based clergyman by name in his apology, Msgr Scicluna was referring to controversial Fr David Muscat. “These were not words of love but stones thrown by a heart that has to learn to love more, as Jesus did. God loves you for who you are […] Those who say they love God, but hate their brother, are liars…” Archbishop Scicluna said.

During the same church service, Scicluna admitted outrightly that he was shocked when he saw such comments and apologised to all those who were hurt by these remarks.

Archbishop Scicluna said he would be taking action so that this story does not repeat itself. What action the Archbishop will take against Muscat is unknown.

Ministers report Fr Muscat to police over hate speech

The priest compared “gayness” and “bisexuality” to diabolical possession. This was posted in a discussion thread about the Sliema murder suspect, Abner Aquilina. Fr Muscat’s social media post was deleted from the platform after many people complained to Facebook.

Many criticised Fr Muscat’s statements, including ministers Dr Owen Bonnici and Julia Farrugia Portelli, who asked for a police probe on the basis of hate speech. Muscat is no stranger to controversy, having previously backed far-right agitator Norman Lowell.