2.5 million passengers travelled through Malta Airport in 2021

Malta International Airport welcomed 2,540,335 passengers in 2021, an increase of 45.3 per cent on 2020…

Malta tightens controls for UK visitors in response to covid worries, but the limitations irritate airport employees

Malta tightens rules for UK travellers amid covid fears but restrictions anger airport officials

Finance Minister set to inform unions on the future of Air Malta later this week.

Finance Minister Clyde Caruana is expected to brief unions later this week on the way forward…

Maltese nationals caught stranded on holiday cruise liner to return back to Malta on an airline flight tonight

The 28-strong Maltese group of holidaymakers who were stranded on board the Italian cruise liner, MSC…

Maltese holidaymakers on cruise liner stranded onboard

Maltese passengers cruise liner with hundreds of Covid cases on board stopped from entering Malta

Cruises should be avoided regardless of vaccination status, US CDC says

Regardless of one's vaccination status, the increased risk levels for cruise liner vessel trips by holidaymakers…

Study reveals travellers at the Covid-19 quarantine facility infected one another across the corridor

Health professionals advise flying travellers to take steps to prevent Omicron.

Why Ghana placed travel ban on Malta, Israel and South Korea

Ghana has banned travellers from entering the country from Israel, South Korea and Malta; the Ghanian…

In November, Malta’s airport received almost 315,000 travellers

Over 315,000 passengers welcomed by Malta’s airport in November

Gozo’s heliport will be expanded to include a short airstrip

Gozo heliport to be extended to have short airstrip