‘Diabetes patients should be offered free continuous monitoring’ – Nationalist Party

According to the Nationalist Party, the Malta Diabetes Association’s proposal should be included in the next budget.

The Nationalist Party (PN) has endorsed a plan to provide free continuous blood glucose monitoring to all diabetes type 1 patients, regardless of age. In a statement published on Saturday, PN MPs Mario Galea and Claudette Buttigieg stated that the idea, which was initially proposed by the Maltese Diabetes Association, will be included in the PN’s pre-budget paper.

According to the organisation, blood glucose monitors should be spread gradually over time. Following a successful pilot study, continuous blood glucose monitors are now being distributed for free to children under the age of 16 who have type 1 diabetes. Although the initiative concluded earlier this year, the Health Ministry later stated that youngsters will continue to get the devices for free.

Such monitors continuously measure blood sugar levels and quickly alert patients whenever levels rise or fall. “These monitors not only save diabetic patients a lot of pain; they also offer them respect and control over their condition,” the two PN MPs added.

“We hope that the Government will accept our idea and put it in the upcoming budget.”