Dementia day and night center inaugurated on Mtarfa

A dementia care center has been inaugurated in Mtarfa, the first in Europe of its kind which will offer services both during the day and at night.

This center was built with an investment of €75,000. Most of the work at the new center was carried out by the Community Department of Care. The center will specialize in the sleep disorientation suffered by many elderly people having dementia.

The premises is also in line with the National Dementia Strategy launched in 2015, as it will cover the north of Malta. The center is located next to the Mtarfa Home for the Elderly and has been designed to resemble a private home. In total there is space for 12 people per day, with applicants being able to choose up to three days a week when they can attend.

Nurse David Zerafa explained what activities can be done by the elderly at this new facility: “There are activities that focus on the senses of the individual while others may want to watch some television or rest. We also have a garden where one can water or pot plants if one has the green finger. These are simple things but they have kept everyone active in the community. ”

The Minister for the Elderly, Dr Michael Farrugia thanked the workers and contractors who worked on this project, and reminded that with this facility’s inauguration another measure of this year’s budget has been reached, which was that people with dementia have access for care in their own communities.

He said, “This is the first center in Europe that will open and provide services during the day and even at night so that those who are unable to sleep will have activities here as well.”

One can apply for the service by visiting the site