Schoolkids no longer required to wear masks and most vulnerable to receive a second booster

A second booster jab is being administered voluntarily to the most susceptible people.

Speaking virtually over the phone to TVAM hosts Pablo Micallef and Mario Xuereb this morning, Health Minister Chris Fearne revealed that the second booster will be administered on a voluntary basis to the immunocompromised.

The jab will also be given to people in nursing homes and will have no effect on their immunisation certificate.

Fearne echoed Prime Minister Dr Robert Abela’s remarks after he was sworn in, saying that Malta needs to shift to a lifestyle in which people choose how to protect their own health.

Outdoor events, on the other hand, do not require vaccination certification, although indoor events still require confirmation of vaccination with the first booster. Fearne stated that this is a return to normalcy while safeguarding the vulnerable.

COVID self-testing is now authorised in Malta

COVID-19 self-testing is poised to become allowed in Malta this week, as Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne relaxes further precautions while undergoing quarantine.

The Health Minister broke the news on TVAM, when he outlined more pandemic-related measures, such as those travelling to Malta from a country on the red list, will be allowed in with a negative PCR test or a recovery certificate.