Police Commissioner faced with yet another registered trade dispute

The Malta Police Union (MPU) had registered yet another industrial dispute against the Commissioner of Police, the union said in a press statement.

The MPU said that the Commissioner of Police has arbitrarily decided to change the local Police Districts’s composition without any prior consultation of any sort and to the detriment of its union members.

As already previously pointed out in several other press statements, the MPU underlined that current understaffing problems on who covers which district are already being felt. The union stressed once more that its members cannot continue to be treated like numbers and not actual employees, who in fact have the right to be consulted on changes which will affect them directly.

Although this change might have been necessary, the MPU strongly feels that it does not go implemented it when police districts are practically void of personnel,  namely like that of typically having with one police sergeant having  to cover a whole district, irrelevant of its georgraphic size, population living there and its particular challenges.

The same applies to District Police Offices, the union said, where localities have been added with their responsibility, without adding more staff to cater for the demand.

The MPU reasserted that the Malta Police Force’s leadership and adminsitration go about implementing changes without first verifying what effect this will have on the police personnel themselves, or if the same prime law-enforcement body of the country is capable of sustaining these commitments.