25-year-old Syrian dies from stab wounds and blow to head during fight in Gozo

Four men have been arrested from a Marsalforn apartment in Gozo after a fight broke out, leaving a man dead.

Their arrest follows a fight that broke out on Saturday night at 9 p.m., which saw three men take the the unconscious victim to the hospital in Victoria. The victim was transported there while the Police were still being alerted to the incident.

The Syrian victim suffered both a blow to the head and stab wounds as well. He died soon after his arrival in hospital. Three individuals are also being reported as having been injured during the fight. They remain hospitalised for the injuries sustained.

The police has also arrested three injured individuals, along with a fourth one, later in the evening.

The scene that faced the Police and the Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) was one of sheer utter mayhem as pieces of wood and chairs were utilised as improvised weapons during the fight. All parties involved in the fight are of Syrian nationality, with their ages ranging from 24 to 29.

Duty Magistrate, Dr Bridgette Scicluna, is leading an inquiry into the incident.